Marzotto Bross

Riccardo e Ettore Marzotto

Three hours and thirty minutes of non stop fun and adventure

(March 2016)
My experience with Giacomo Ferri’s motorbike tour around the desert was nothing but excellent. Our typical day's program involved three hours and thirty minutes of non stop fun and adventure in the different types of terrain found in the desert situated near Merzouga, Morocco. The premisses were well equipped with the essential materials that you might need to have during such experience. This included all Motorbike wear (clothing, helmet, boots, gloves etc). The motorbike was also provided, it was in perfect quality, and very performing in the conditions found. Giacomo can provide a good experience for all skill types with his ability to manage and assent a group of riders. In his way of teaching he is calm and educative but is also ready to give you a challenge. He is also the Manager of a local hotel. His discovery of the desert has been since long in the past which means that his know-how and involvement with the locals is of great appreciation. I recommend this experience to anyone who wants to experience the desert in a different way or is practical on a bike and wants to try the unmatchable feeling of surfing on the dunes while on a bike.

2 Days 100% Off Road (In occasione del Marco Olmo D.T 2016)